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2016 Track & Field Awards


Men’s MVP –       Jake Russell (17points)
Women’s MVP – Lauryn Hall (9 points)
Men’s Most Improved –       Christopher Meininger (1600m)
Women’s Most Improved – Makayla Tomaino, (800 & 1600m)


Most Improved JV Athlete, M – Jon Keiser – (Discus, Polevault)
Most Improved JV Athlete, W – Samantha Griner (Hurdles, Polevault)
Scholar Athlete, JV – Riley Edwards (XC, 800, 1600) – 4.2 GPA

MVP JV, M – Jon Keiser (38pts) Discus & Polevault
MVP JV, F – Samantha Griner (35pts) – 300m H, 100m H & Polevault. SHS Record 80m Hurdles

Recognizing Graduating Seniors – Will Keiser, Seth Graham, Bailey Herfurth, Trey Gideon, Brela Bradley, Kaitlyn Williams, Dreon Johnson, Tamera Austin

Scholar Athlete, Varsity – Will Keiser (Javeline, Shot & Discus, SHS Record Holder Javeline) – 4.52 GPA

Most Improved Track Athlete, M – Trey Gideon (Long Jump, 100m)
Most Improved Track Athlete, W – Chandler Robinson (100m, 200m)

Most Improved Field, M – Chaz Del Mar – (Discus & Javelin)
Most Improved Field, w – April Johnson – (Discus, Javelin & Shot)

Most Valuable Sprint/Hurdle Athlete, M – Charles Lewis (171.5pts)(150m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 4x100m & 4x400m SHS Records. State Champion 200m & 400m with STATE RECORDS in both.

Most Valuable Sprint/Hurdle Athlete, W – Lauryn Hall (172pts) 100m, 200m, 150m & 4x100m SHS Records. State Champion 100m

Most Valuable Distance Athlete, M – Seth Graham (96pts) 1000m, 2000m & 1mile SHS Records

Most Valuable Distance Athlete, W – Hailey Brown (20.75pts) 1000m & 1 Mile – SHS Records

Most Valuable Field Athlete, M – Daryl Bowden (118.5pts) Triple Jump & Long Jump – SHS Records

Most Valuable Field Athlete, W – Gabrielle Griner (85.5pts) Polevault-SHS Record

2015 Metro Championships !

This year’s Metro Championships are in the books and Sparkman can claim 2 METRO CHAMPIONS, 2 CHAMPION RELAY TEAMS, 6 Individul Medalists and 3 NEW SPARKMAN RECORDS!
(Final Results)

Congradulations to our NEW Metro Champions!

  •  Sr. Kai Perkins won the Girls Discus with a throw of 99′ 09″, this is her 4th victory this year!
  • Soph. Daryl Bowden Jr. won the Boys Triple Jump, jumping nearly a FOOT farther than the next competitor!
  • Our Girls 4x100m relay team of 1) Fr. Lauryn Hall  2) Soph. Aubrey Parker 3) Fresh. Alessea Rice 4) Fresh. Chandler Robinson won with a time of 50.03, just 1/10 of a second away from the SHS record!

Congratulations to our “day 2” medal winners!

     TWO NEW Sparkman Records !

We had 4 other Senators finish in the points –
Sr. Kelsey Joh​nson finished 7th the 100m Hurdles, 5th in the 300m Hurdles and 6th in the Triple Jump.
Soph. Elliff, Katelyn finished 7th in the Javelin, and our girls 4x100m team finished 6th.
Jr.-Bailey Herfurth got 7th in the 1600m and Soph.Jake​ R​ussell got 8th in the 1600m.


2015 Metro Championships – Day 1

Well, a sloppy, wet first day has come to an end and Sparkman has qualified for 3 FINALS and we already have our FIRST METRO CHAMPIONS for 2015 !!!!

Our Boys team of Jr. Seth Graham , Jr. Bailey Herfurth, (8th) Shafi Muhammad and Soph. Jake Jacob Russell are the 2015 METRO CHAMPIONS in the 4x800m Relay! Their time in this event set a NEW SPARKMAN SCHOOL RECORD!

Both our girls and boys 4x100m teams have qualified for tomorrow’s finals. The girls were less then 1 second behind the fastest time!

Fr. Lauryn Hall  qualified for tomorrow’s finals in the 100m dash while 8th grader, Charles Lewis missed qualifying by just .19 seconds!

8th grader, Shafi Muhammad just missed scoring in the 400m dash by less than half a second!

By the end of day 1, our boys are in third place! The girls have yet to put a score on the board but tomorrow sees our state qualifiers enter into the competition in their running finals and field events !

It should prove to be an exciting meet. LET’S GO SENATORS!!!

2015 Scottsboro Invitational

Slowly but surely the weather for our meets had been improving. This weekend it was finally sunny and above 50 degrees! Only a blustery, 11mph north wind marred an otherwise gorgeous day.  (Complete RESULTS here)

The season continues to progress as we had new PR’s  and had 8 athletes on the medal podium in 10 events and TWO, NEW SPARKMAN RECORDS!

Congratulations to our medal winners!Sr. Kai Perkins  – 2nd, Girls Discus Throw

     NEW Sparkman Records !

  • Sr. Kelsey Joh​nson  went 32′ 9.00″ in the Triple Jump
  • Sr. William Otey smashed his teammate’s School record in the Triple Jump by 2 feet! (42’8″)

We had 13 other Senators finish in the points –
Sr. Kelsey Joh​nson finished 8th in the 100m Hurdles, 6th in 300m Hurdles & 4th in Triple Jump
Alessea Rice – 7th in the 100m
Senise Cash – 4th in the 200m
Girls 4×100 relay – 5th
Hannah Bowman – 8th in the Discus
Katelyn Elliff – 7th in the Javelin

8th, Charles Lewis – got 4th in the 200m dash
Chase Parker – 8th in the 100m
Jr. Seth Graham– 7th in the 800m
Soph.Jake​ R​ussell– 7th in the 1600m
Sr. Rob Russell– 4th in the High Jump, 8th in Javelin
Sr. Riley O’Brien – 7th in the Pole Vault
Sr. William Otey – 6th in the Long Jump


Getting New PR’s in this meet were –

Senise Cash 100m
Chandler Robinson 200m
Brela Br​adley 200m, 100m Hurdles
Tamera Austin 400m
Dreon Joh​nson 800m
Emma O’Riley – Pole Vault
Lauryn Hall- Long Jump
Kelsey Johnson – Triple Jump
Glenda Booker – Discus
Haley Haddock – Javelin

Daryl Bowden 200m
Hanif Muhamm​ad 200m
Milan Wall 400m
Jake Maier 800m
Jake Russell 1600m
4x100m relay team
4x400m relay team
Rob Russell – High Jump
Daryl Bowden – Long Jump, Triple Jump
William Otey – Long Jump
Joesph O’Brien – Discus
Nicholas Hagar – Discus
Jon Keiser – Pole Vault

JV Meet #4 James Clemens

Congratulations to our Sparkman medal winners in last night’s JV Meet at James Clemens.
(full results posted here)

For the Girls, Fr. Lauryn Hall  WON both the 100m dash and the Long Jump setting a NEW SPARKMAN RECORD in that event!
Our girls 4×100 relay team of
Diamond Fitcheard, Lauryn Hall,Milan Hunt, Alessea Rice (all 9th graders) also took the gold!
Fresh – Alessea Rice took 2nd in the 100m dash.

For the Boys – (8th grade) Mathew Compton took 3rd in the Pole Vault.
Our boys 4x100m relay team of
(7)Khalil Griffin, (8) Charles Lewis,
(8) Hanif Muhammad, (Fresh) Xavier Long finished 2nd.

2015 – James Clemens Inv.

Our 2nd full meet of the season finally arrived and it was a COLD one.
(full RESULTS)

Even with a 2 hour delay to the start time, they still had to break the ice off of the Pole Vault pit before that event could be contested.  The cold combined with a gusty wind out of the North certainly put a damper on getting new PR’s but our athletes pushed through and our girls team had it’s best finish yet.
We had 6 athletes on the medal podium and even a NEW SPARKMAN RECORD!

Congratulations to our medal winners!

     A NEW Sparkman Record !

  • Soph. Daryl Bo​wden upped his record AGAIN in the Boy’s Triple Jump with a mark of 40′-8.25″

We had 4 other Senators finish in the points –
Sr. Kelsey Joh​nson finished 7th in the 300m Hurdles and 6th in the Triple Jump
Fr. Lauryn Hall finished 5th in the Long Jump.
7th, Samantha Griner – finished in a tie for 4th in the Pole Vault
Soph. Daryl Bo​wden – finished 5th in the Triple Jump
Jr.-Bailey Herfurth got 7th in the 3200m 
8th, Charles Lewis – got 5th in the 100m dash
Our Girls 4x100m team finished 5th

Special Congratulations to Samantha and Charles on scoring their FIRST VARSITY POINTS!



2015- JV#1, BJHS

Our first JV meet and we got off to a flying start!

We had 6 athletes and 3 Relay teams finish in podium positions!
Winning there events were –
Lauryn Hall – 1st in the Girls 100m Dash and the Girls Long Jump
Charles Lewis – 1st in the Boys 100m Dash

Our other top Girls were –
Alessea Rice – 3rd in the 200m dash and Samantha Griner – 3rd in the Pole Vault

Top Boys – Justin Walker placed 2nd in the 110m Hurdles & Mathew Compton took 2nd in the Pole Vault.

In the Girls 4×100 Relay we took 1st!
1)Diamond Fitcheard            2) Lauryn Hall
3)Milan Hunt                   4) Alessea Rice

For the Our Boys we got 1st in the 4x100m
1) Amarius Beasley              2) Khalil Griffin
3) Alonte Harvey                4) Hanif Muhammad,

and we took 2nd in the 4x400m
1) Khalil Griffin              2) Shafi Muhammad
3) Noah Terry                   4) Charles Lewis

Results for the first JV meet are now posted HERE.
This list includes only the events that SHS competed in and has been culled to JUST the TOP 10 and our SHS athletes.
Full results can be found at –

2015 Panther Invitational

The 2nd weekend of the season and finally a chance to see our whole team in action.
Unfortunately they were met with a cold and rainy day.  Yet, even with this added challenge, some of our Senators still found a way to persevere as we had 4 athletes on the medal podium (2 of whom WON their events!) 6 new PR’s and TWO NEW SPARKMAN RECORDS!

For our Pole Vaulters, the miserable weather quickly turned any hopes of new records into a simple desire to survive the meet. Cold, wet hands made holding the pole very difficult. Some teams pulled out of the event, many could not clear a height and a few were even injured.  Impressively, we took 2nd in the boys vault, WON the girls vault and had our 7th and 8th grader make new PR’s! (RESULTS HERE)

Congratulations to our medal winners!

     TWO NEW Sparkman Records !

We had 4 other Senators finish in the points –
Sr. Kelsey Joh​nson finished 7th the 100m Hurdles, 5th in the 300m Hurdles and 6th in the Triple Jump.
Soph. Elliff, Katelyn finished 7th in the Javelin, and our girls 4x100m team finished 6th.
Jr.-Bailey Herfurth got 7th in the 1600m and Soph.Jake​ R​ussell got 8th in the 1600m.

We also had 2 Senators score NEW P.R.s in this meet!
Girls –



2014 Track & Field Awards

With the completion of the 2013-2014 Track & Field season, it is now time to reflect on the accomplishments of our athletes.

Our Varsity Points Leaders for the year were as follows –

  • Jr- Rob Russell – 64.83 points (5 podium finishes, including 3 Wins!)
  • and your 2014 Points leader
    Sr- Anthony Parameswaran – 128.5 points! (15 podium finishes, including 3 wins and a 6th place at State!) Anthony’s point total even beat last year’s remarkable score of 126 points set by then Sr- Ben Dailey.

The competition for Girls Varsity Points Leaders was a tight one!

  • Jr- Kai Perkins  – 55 points (6 podium finishes, including 3 wins and a 6th place at State!)
  • Frsh- Gabrielle Griner – 61 points (7 podium finishes, including her FIRST varsity win!)
  • and your 2014 Points leader
    Jr- Kelsey Johnson – 68.25 points (4 podium finishes, including 1 win!)

Worth mentioning is 8th grader Lauryn Hall. Lauryn is our 4th place, Varsity girls points scorer. She scored 23 points in just two varsity meets! Expect to see her battling for top of the list next year.


This year’s JV Awards for “Most Improved” went to –

Frsh- Glenda Booker & Milan Wall

This was Glenda’s first year to go out for track and she quickly found her niche in the Discus and the Shot. She took 4th in the Shot at the JV Championships with a PR of 27-9 and took 7th in the Discus with a throw of 62-7.5. Glenda also competed for our Varsity squad getting a PR throw of 78-9 in the Discus which claimed a 7th place for her and earned her first Varsity points.

Milan was also new to track but shows great promise in the sprints.
He took 5th in the 200m Dash at the JV Championships and even scored his first Varsity points as part of an SHS SCHOOL RECORD setting 4x400m relay team! He has a PR of 24.96 in the 200m and a PR of 56.56 in the 400m.

This year’s Varsity Awards for “Most Improved” went to –

Jr- Kai Perkins  & Soph- Will Kieser

This is Kai ‘s third year on our throwing squad. She throws shot but really excelled in the Discus this year. She improved last year’s PR by 6 feet in the Discus and finished in the points in every single meet she competed in !  Of her 8 competitions, she finished on the podium 6 times and 3 of those were for wins! She qualified for State and had a points scoring finish of 6th there.

Will is another one of our throws team. His second year on the squad, he throws Discus, Shot and new for this year – Javelin.  In the Discus he improved last year’s PR by over 16 feet with a throw of 96-7 which scored him an 8th place and earned him his first Varsity points!  In the Javelin he threw a season’s best of 108′-9″ earning him his best finish of 11th place.

Athlete Scholars

This years top athlete scholars were 8th- Savannah Wilson & Soph- Luke Kollman

8th grader Savannah Wilson has been mostly a distance runner for our Cross Country Team these last two years but has applied her abilities to the 1600m for Track Season. Her season best was a 7:02.09 at the JV Championships. She currently holds a 98% academic average!

This is Luke Kollman’s first year in Track & Field. He has PRs of 3:05.16 in the 800m and 6:34.52 in the 1600m. More impressively, he holds an Academic 4.52 GPA !


Coaches Trophy

This honor goes out tho the Athlete who excelled not just at meets but everyday at practices, both in their own efforts and in encouragement to their team mates. This years recipient is 7th grader Elizah Vargas.

Elizah has tried his hand at several distances. In the JV Championships he placed 9th in the 400m, 8th in the 800m, and 6th in the 1600m. He even ran the 3200m at this years State qualifier Varsity meet, setting a PR time of 11:45.90

MVP Awards

The MVP Awards in JV went to 9th graders Gabrielle Griner & Daryl Bowden.

This is Gabrielle’s third season on the Sparkman Team.  She is the three time North Alabama JV Champion in the girls PoleVault and in three years of JV competition, has never lost a meet. She has competed for both the Varsity and JV squads since the 7th grade and has qualified for the State Varsity Track meet all three years. She was second highest girls varsity points scorer and had 7 Varsity podium finishes this year with 1 Varsity WIN. She currently holds the SHS School Record in the Girls Pole Vault at 10′.

This is Daryl’s second season with the Track Team. While he has run in the 110 hurdles and the 400m dash, this season he seems to be finding his niche in the jumps.  At this years JV Championships Daryl placed 5th in the High Jump and 1st PLACE in the Long Jump! He also competed for our Varsity Squad and holds the team’s best mark this year in the Long Jump and tied with Jake Russell for season’s best in the High Jump. This year in Varsity he has placed as high as 16th in the High Jump, 12th in the Long Jump and 21st in the Triple Jump.

The MVP Awards in Varsity went to Jr- Kelsey Johnson & Sr- Anthony Parameswaran.

Kelsey started on the Cross Country Team in 2012 and added Track & Field to her repertoire in 2013. She has competed in 11 different events AND the State Heptathlon! She was this years Varsity Girls high points scorer and had 4 podium finishes including 1 WIN. She had a season high 3rd in the Triple Jump, 7th in the 300m Hurdles, and a WIN in the 100m Hurdles. Though excelling in multiple events, the 100m Hurdles have been her forte’. This year she finished in the points in that event during EVERY regular season meet and for the 2nd year in a row, QUALIFIED for the State  Track meet in that event. Kelsey owns the SHS SCHOOL RECORD in the Triple Jump (31′-7″), the 100m Hurdles(16.93), the 60m Hurdles(10.47), the Three Mile run (22:42.60) and the Heptathlon (2747 points)

Anthony could have an entire page dedicated to his Track exploits. While he does run the relatively short, 800m – he is mostly a distance runner (1600m, 3200m, 5000m) . However what he does, he does with distinction! In the 1600m this year he ran 8 regular season races finishing with a 5th, five 2nds and two 1sts! He qualified for State in that race and place just outside the points, in 9th, while setting a new SHS SCHOOL RECORD.
In the 3200m race, Anthony competed 7 times, finishing with two 3rds, four 2nds and a WIN! He also qualified for STATE where he finished with a points scoring 6th place, also setting a new SHS SCHOOL RECORD.
Not to totally overlook his efforts in the 800m. He had a 3rd place finish in that race this year and an 8th at the Section Qualifying meet.
Anthony is the current SHS SCHOOL RECORD holder in the 1600m (4:30.65), 3200m(9:54.41), Three Mile(17:24.60) and 5000m(16:15.03).

Anthony has received Academic & Athletic Scholarships to UAH. We will certainly miss him next year … and miss trying to pronounce his last name 😉

Congratulations to our “Multi” athletes

The final events in the 2013-14 Track and Field season are the Heptathlon and Decathlon and this year we had three athletes who stepped up to face this rigorous, 2 day challenge!
Participating in 2 or 3 events in one meet is challenging enough for most athletes, but being competitive in 7 (for the girls) and 10 (for the boys) events all in one meet is why they call these the worlds best athletes.

For the girls, Jr- Kelsey Johnson again stepped up to the challenge in the Heptathlon. Unfortunately, Kelsey got sick just before the competition and probably should not have even attempted the running events. She struggled through though and of the 61 girls who entered, Kelsey finished 37th with 2692 points. She improved her PR in her Shot put and in her 200m dash time.

For the boys, Jr- Rob Russell was also making his 2nd appearance in the Decathlon.
The bad news is that Rob had suffered an ankle injury in a training accident earlier in the week and though he tried to tough it out, in the end he had to attempted the pole vault (an event he was favored to place 3rd or 4th in and score BIG points) from just a two step run and had to pull out of the 1500m run altogether.
While this was a disappointing outcome for Rob he still managed to improve his PR in the Long Jump and Shot Put and being a JR, he will have a chance to prove himself again next year!
Of the 85 entries in the Decathlon, even injured and totally missing one event, Rob managed to finish 58th.

Our NEW entry in the Decathlon was Freshman Jake Russell (no relation to Rob).
Jake proved what we already know about him and that is, he is a phenomenal athlete!
Of the 10 events included in the Decathlon, he was competing in 8 of those for the first time !
This was only Jake’s 3rd time to ever try the Pole Vault and he not only made the opening height but ended up jumping 8 feet and finished 45th in the 85 man field! He also set a PR in the long jump and in the 1500m Jake finished 5th, setting a NEW SPARKMAN RECORD for that distance!
Of the 85 entries, Jake finished 29th! With more experience under his belt, it will be a lot of fun to see how he does the next 3 years.