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2015 N.A. JV Championships

The 2015 JV Track Championships are in the books and two of our Senators can now claim the title of North Alabama, JV Track Champions ! (RESULTS here)

– 9th Grader  Lauryn Hall won GOLD in both the 100m dash AND the Long Jump.
– 8th grader  Charles Lewis took GOLD in the 400m Dash

Also reaching the medals podium were;
– Our 3rd place, Girls 4x100m Relay team of (9th) Lauryn Hall, (9th) Milan Hu​nt, (9th)Alessea Rice, (9th) Chandler Robinson
– 8th grader Mathew Compton took 2nd in the Boys Pole Vault
– 8th grader Shafi Muhammad took 3rd in the Boys 400m Dash
– 9th grader Justin Walker took 3rd in the Boys 110m Hurdles
– Our 3rd place, Boys 4x100m Relay Team of (8th) Charl​es Lew​is, (9th)Xavier Long,​ (8th) Han​if Muhamm​ad,  (7th) Khalil Gr​iffin,

Also scoring points for Sparkman were –
– (9th) Chandler Robinson, 5th in the Girls 200m Dash
– (7th) Samantha Griner, 5th in the Girls Polevault
– (7th) Khalil Griffin, 4th in the 400m Dash
– (8th) Shafi Muhammad, 4th in the 800m
– (7th) Jon Keiser, 5th in the Discus Throw

So how do our JV athletes match up with their peers? I’m glad you ask.

– In the 100m dash, Fresh Lauryn Hall is the Top ranked 7A Freshman & 2nd ranked over-all Freshman in the State. She is ranked 10th OVER ALL in the State in that event! In the 200m,  Lauryn is the Top ranked 7A Freshman Girl  and OVER-ALL 8th ranked 7A Girl in the State.  In the LONG JUMP, Lauryn is tied for 8th in 9th grade 7A.
– Chandler Robinson is the 5th Ranked 7A Fresh in the 200m dash and 15th ranked 7A Fr in the state.
– Samantha Griner is the TOP ranked 7th grade girl in 7A Pole Vault and tied as 2nd ranked 7th grade girl Over-All in the State.
– Our JV girls 4x100m Relay team is 3rd ranked in the State

Charl​es Lew​is is the 2nd Ranked Middle Schooler in the State 400m and TOP ranked 8th grader.
Shafi Muhammad is the 10th ranked 8th grader in State 400m, 3rd ranked in 7A. He is also 8th ranked 8th grader in state 800m and top in 7A in that event.
– Khalil Griffin is the TOP ranked 7th grader in the State 400m run.
– Justin Walker is the 13th ranked 9th grader in 7A in the 110m Hurdles.
– Mathew Compton is tied for 3rd ranked, 7th grade vaulter in the State & is the TOP ranked 7A, 7th grader.
– Jon Keiser is the 9th ranked 7th grader in State Discus & 2nd rank 7th grader in 7A. In the Pole Vault, Jon is tied for 2nd ranked 7A 7th grader and is tied as 8th ranked 7th grader in the State!
– our JV Boys 4x100m Relay Team is 3rd ranked in 7A.

Congratulations to all our hard working JV Track & Field Athletes!

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