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Trainer (sports injury) Help Available @ SHS

Some weeks back we were introduced to Mr.Joe Lemery, one of the Huntsville Hospital TOC provided trainers that are available in the SHS training room for any SHS athlete. Not only is this expert “sports medicine” assistance but it’s FREE!

I have since had the need for them to look at my daughter and can highly recommend them. In her case, she had developed soreness in her knees and it was the sort of thing where it didn’t seem bad enough to warrant making an appointment with our family physician but nagging enough to make me worry. I sent an e-mail to Mr. Lemery and they had my daughter and I meet with them at SHS the next afternoon. We now can continue training without worrying that she is damaging herself.

If your student has any sort of questionable muscle/ligament/joint pain I recommend getting in touch with these guys and if you are dealing with a definite injury, check with them first as they can refer you to a physician specialist and get you in to see them in the shortest time possible.

Contact Information:

Joe Lemery, SHS Trainer
phone: 256-541-5493

Note: If you call the Sparkman office, just ask for “Trainer Joe”.

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