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2013 Randolph CC Meet info


Regarding early dismissals:

Student Athletes will have to have a written note signed by their parent and who they will be riding with and submit that to the front office so we know who is picking their child up. Also, the parents will need to provide a phone number on the note so we can verify this arrangement as well.

Jeff Mathheus
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Monrovia Middle School
(256) 430-4499


SNACKS for the event!

Thanks to all the quick responses to bring snacks to the meet at UAH tomorrow.  If you did not see the message and wanted to help, please know there will be more opprotunities next time.  I think we have plenty scheduled for tomorrow.
Here is the list:
  • Brownies & paper cups – Tam Vander Schaaf
  • Sandwiches – Lor Underwood
  • Orange Wedges – Kim Waters
  • Grapes – Denise Magers & Debra Johnson
  • Granola Bars – Kristina Kirby-Brown
  • Chips (individual bags) – Kathy Ray
  • Pretzels/Chex Mix (individual bags) Valerie Myers
  • Bananas & Cookies – Lisa Graham
  • Fruit Snacks – Amy Mehok


As this race is on a rough terrain and there could possibly be water in the ditches the runners will have to cross, we have not worn our uniforms in past meets. We have decided to use our black uniform jerseys from last year for this one event. We have collected and washed all of the uniforms that were returned. We will distribute those to the team at Monday’s practice. We also have shorts but not sure we have enough complete uniforms for the entire team. Runners can wear any black shorts for this meet. We do ask that you wash and return the uniform to the coach at practice sometime the following week.

(From Lori)

I have included below some important information about the meet next Tuesday.  A couple of other important things are

1) Coach Jones has made arrangements for all athletes to leave their schools at 2:20 pm.  You may pick up your children at their school at this time and they will be excused.

2) This is a Euro Cross race which means the athletes run through water – lots of it- and get very dirty.
It is my son’s favorite race but the runners do get dirty and wet so if we have always worn a black SHS cross country t-shirt, black shorts and some older running shoes to keep the uniforms from getting too dirty.  So please plan on doing that.


Meet Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Venue: The campus of the University of Alabama-Huntsville

Greetings Cross Country Coaches:

This letter is hoping you are having a successful start to your season, knowing that keeping your athletes motivated and fit in this heat is a huge challenge. We wish all of you the very best on a great season.

Welcome to the 2013 edition of the Randolph School Cross Country Classic. This meet has grown so much over the past few years, in both size and popularity, due mainly to the positive participation and feedback we receive each year. Last year, we had about 40 schools participate, and we anticipate even more this year. As you may know, the course is popular with the athletes, being a true euro-cross course. Because of this, we want to remind you to remind your runners that they will get muddy and wet, and to plan accordingly. There are a number of hazards that we must always be vigilant in foreseeing during this meet.

Below are some factors that are very important to take into account as you plan for this meet:



2:30pm Course Opens
3:30pm Coaches Meeting
3:45pm JV Boys 1A-6A 2 Mile Race Start
4:00pm JV Girls 1A-6A 2 Mile Race Start
4:30pm Varsity Boys 1A-4A 5k Race Start

5:00pm Varsity Boys 5A-6A 5k Race Start
5:30pm Varsity Girls 1A-6A 5k Race Start
6:00pm Awards


We have a couple new races.   Please see new race times and race divisions for which races your athletes will be running.

We can’t stress enough how important it is going to be to follow all the signs for dropping off athletes, spectators, and students. The area is crowded and we must stick to the plan.

Buses must drop off students in the Von Braun Research Hall parking lot just off John Wright Dr. (See enclosed map). Only passenger vehicles may park in this lot. Buses must drop people off here, then buses must move to parking lot just next to the baseball fields (there will be signs to direct you). NEW (last) year is parking in the grassy field next to parking lot for bus drop off for passenger cars!

Under no circumstances are buses to stop on John Wright Dr. to drop kids off! This causes huge traffic and safety concerns. UAH police will be ticketing anyone who violates these regulations.

Concessions, Bathrooms, and Hospitality
There will be plenty of bathrooms available, as well as concessions. We want to stress the importance of the coaches meeting, detailed on the enclosed schedule, and there will, of course, be food and drink available for coaches and their assistants before and during the race. There will also be an on-the-spot race t-shirt concession, so the kids can customize their shirts and bring home a souvenir from the meet.

First Aid
There will be first aid stations and trainers available as well as an HEMSI ambulance for any emergencies. We will have two “medic tents” on both the start/finish line side of the creek and also on the wooded portion of the creek to circumvent any lack of immediate medical attention needed by any athlete. There will also be ATV’s driving around the course to pick up any athlete that cannot make it to a “medic tent” under his/her own power.



*Remember: IT WILL BE HOT! If your athlete is not prepared for the hot and humid conditions that a late afternoon race in Alabama can present, please be mindful to possibly not enter that particular athlete for this event unless you are 100% certain that he/she is properly trained and prepared for the conditions. It’s not uncommon for it to be 70 degrees at noon on race day and then 95 degrees at race time.

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