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Christmas Break Work-out.


Below is a guide to follow regarding workouts over the holiday break. At the
completion of your workout, please send me an email or text. Include your name,
and simply state “Today’s workout complete.”

We will meet for practice at our regular time on Friday, January 3, 2014!

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday!

N. Jones

Goal is to complete at least 6 days of practice during the Christmas break
(Alternate between workout choices according to your respective events).

Each Practice Day:

*Warm-up (2min. jog; Plyo’s; stretch) BEFORE EACH WORKOUT

*Cool down jog/stretch AFTER EACH WORKOUT

    *Core work – 2 sets of 25ct or 25sec<(e.g. Crunches; Planks; Lateral Obliques-Feet don’t touch floor; Flutter kicks; V-SitUps- sitting and bringing arms and legs up at the same time; etc.)

Sprinters/400m Runners =
*4x100m accelerated run – Focus on increasing speed over last 50m – (25sec. rest between each); 2×200 (30sec rest between each)
*Speed Endurance – 5x150m (30 sec rest between each); 4-5 pairs of shortruns (run 50m, walk 50m; Run 100m, walk 100m; run 200m, walk 200m)
*150m Buildups – 50m @ 50%race pace, 50m @ 75% race pace; 50m at 100% racepace.(Improves endurance/running efficiency)
Cool down jog/stretch

Middle Distance Runners (800m/1600m)
*Four mile run 50 % race pace
*8x400m @ 80% race pace(1 min rest between)
*3 mile run running each mile 3 seconds faster than the previous
Long Distance (3200)
*10x 200
*5 mile run increasing from 50% race pace to 100% at last mile
*4 miles easy
Throwers/Pole Vaulters
*Sprint drills: 3 x 20m (15sec. rest)
*3×200 (30sec rest between each)
*Push ups/Core work (see examples above)

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