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2016 Track & Field Awards


Men’s MVP –       Jake Russell (17points)
Women’s MVP – Lauryn Hall (9 points)
Men’s Most Improved –       Christopher Meininger (1600m)
Women’s Most Improved – Makayla Tomaino, (800 & 1600m)


Most Improved JV Athlete, M – Jon Keiser – (Discus, Polevault)
Most Improved JV Athlete, W – Samantha Griner (Hurdles, Polevault)
Scholar Athlete, JV – Riley Edwards (XC, 800, 1600) – 4.2 GPA

MVP JV, M – Jon Keiser (38pts) Discus & Polevault
MVP JV, F – Samantha Griner (35pts) – 300m H, 100m H & Polevault. SHS Record 80m Hurdles

Recognizing Graduating Seniors – Will Keiser, Seth Graham, Bailey Herfurth, Trey Gideon, Brela Bradley, Kaitlyn Williams, Dreon Johnson, Tamera Austin

Scholar Athlete, Varsity – Will Keiser (Javeline, Shot & Discus, SHS Record Holder Javeline) – 4.52 GPA

Most Improved Track Athlete, M – Trey Gideon (Long Jump, 100m)
Most Improved Track Athlete, W – Chandler Robinson (100m, 200m)

Most Improved Field, M – Chaz Del Mar – (Discus & Javelin)
Most Improved Field, w – April Johnson – (Discus, Javelin & Shot)

Most Valuable Sprint/Hurdle Athlete, M – Charles Lewis (171.5pts)(150m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 4x100m & 4x400m SHS Records. State Champion 200m & 400m with STATE RECORDS in both.

Most Valuable Sprint/Hurdle Athlete, W – Lauryn Hall (172pts) 100m, 200m, 150m & 4x100m SHS Records. State Champion 100m

Most Valuable Distance Athlete, M – Seth Graham (96pts) 1000m, 2000m & 1mile SHS Records

Most Valuable Distance Athlete, W – Hailey Brown (20.75pts) 1000m & 1 Mile – SHS Records

Most Valuable Field Athlete, M – Daryl Bowden (118.5pts) Triple Jump & Long Jump – SHS Records

Most Valuable Field Athlete, W – Gabrielle Griner (85.5pts) Polevault-SHS Record

New Records set at 2015 Holiday Invitational

Congratulations to our SHS Indoor Track athletes who set 6 NEW SPARKMAN INDOOR RECORDS in last Saturday’s “Holiday Invitational!

Jr. Hailey Brown decided to re-write the Sparkman Indoor Record Book in a big way.
Hailey is the NEW SPARKMAN INDOOR RECORD holder in both the Girls 1600m AND the 3200m race. Her time of 5:52.36 in the 1600m beat the old record by nearly 18 seconds!
In the Girls 3200m, her time of 13:30.05 beat, by more than 28 seconds, the previous SHS Indoor record set by Tiffany Davis. Tiffany’s mark had stood since 2001 !

Of note is Freshman Lauryn Hall who came within 2 hundredths of a second of breaking her own NEW SPARKMAN INDOOR RECORD in the prelims of the 60m Dash! She finished 9th, just outside the points in a field of 177 girls!

In the Mens 3200m, Freshman John-David Ray set the NEW SPARKMAN INDOOR RECORD at
11:08.32 beating by .15 hundredths of a second, the record set last seasons by Sr. Bailey Herfurth !

Freshman Shafi Muhammad set a NEW SPARKMAN INDOOR RECORD for the 400m with a time of 55.04 seconds. This beat Samuel Gideon’s record set last year, by .17 hundredths of a second!

In the Mens 4x200m relay our Relay Team smashed the previous record by over 10 seconds with a NEW SPARKMAN INDOOR RECORD time of 1:40.99.

In the Mens 800m run, Sr. Bailey Herfurth set a NEW SPARKMAN INDOOR RECORD with a time of 2:03.10
This beats the record set last season by Jake Russell. Bailey scored points for our Boys team by finishing in 4th place out of the 172 competitors in that race.

Of note – In the Mens 60m Dash, Soph. Jackie Gibson came within 4 tenths of a second of breaking the current SHS Indoor record of 7.30 seconds. That record was set in 2012 by Josh Hayes

Great job Senators!

2015 State Indoor Meet – Results

The State Indoor Track Meet is in the books and for Sparkman, it brought new records and some break-through performances.  (RESULTS HERE)

We had THREE  SHS Athletes finish in the points this year.

For the boys, Sr. Rob Russell rose to the challenge in the Boys Pole Vault. He came into the meet seeded 7th but earned a 5th place with his SHS, Indoor Record jump of 13′ 6″! In last year’s Indoor State Meet, Rob finished 14th with a jump 2feet lower than his new record. Rob’s 5th place finish earned Sparkman 4 points giving us a 19th place finish in 7A Boys competition. Last year they failed to finish in the points.

For the Girls, Soph Gabrielle Griner stepped up her game as well. She was seeded 7th in the Girls Pole Vault but hadn’t cleared more than 9-6 indoors this season, partially due to equipment issues. She got a new pole at the last minute and having never made more than one jump on it in practice, had to learn it’s timing during the State Meet! She did it well though, setting a NEW Sparkman Girls Record with a Jump of 10′ 6″ and missed getting the bronze medal by just one jump, clearing 10-6 on her 2nd try instead of her first. 4th place improved her performance from last year by 2 spots and scored 6 points for our Girls Team!

Freshman Lauryn Hall might have been a new comer to the State Indoor Meet but she has announced her arrival with authority. Lauryn cranked it up in the 60m, running it in 7.96 seconds, securing her place in Sparkman’s record book and capturing 6th place over all! Her finish scored 2 more points for our girls team.

We had 8 NEW INDOOR RECORDS set in this meet!

Sr. Kelsey Joh​nson set 2 new, solo Indoor records and was part of a record setting relay Team!
In the Triple Jump she went 31′ 6.25″ beating her previous best Indoor Record by over 10″. This jump gave her a 10th place finish.
In the 60m Hurdles Kelsey ran a 10.14 lowering her previous best by almost a half a second, setting A New SHS Indoor Record and missing the finals but just one place!

Our 4x200m TeamFreshZariah TrammellSr. Kelsey Joh​nsonFresh. Lauryn Hall and Fresh. Alessea Rice also set a New Record with a time of 1:53.60, lowering the old record by almost 2 seconds and finishing in 10th.

In the Long Jump, Freshman Lauryn Hall missed tying the SHS Indoor Record (that she currently holds), by just 1/2 an inch! She placed 14th.

Freshman Alessea Rice shows the promise of good things to come, as she qualified for State in the 60m dash. She finished 19th.

In the team standings, our Lady Senators finished in 12th place with 8 points! Last year they finished 19th with 3 points.

Our boys got in on New SHS Indoor Records as well!

Like Kelsey, Soph. Jake​ R​ussell also set Two NEW Indoor Records and was part of a Record setting relay. Jake ran a 2:03.72 in the 800m, trimming 5 seconds off his best time and giving him a 14th place.
In the 1600m he set the SHS Indoor record with a 4:42.79, placing him 14th in this event as well.

Our Boys 4x800m TeamJr. Seth Graham, Sh​afi Muhamm​ad, Fresh. Elijah Vargas and Soph. Jake​ R​ussell – set the New SHS Indoor Record at 8:59.58, coming in 10th.

Jr. Samuel “Tre” Gideon was another one of our multi-event, state qualifiers. In the 60m he ran a 7.47 (An all time best for him) and finished 19th. In the Long Jump finals he finished 16th, scoring a jump of 19′ 3.5″. This bested his old mark by a half an inch.

Soph. Daryl Bo​wden was also quite busy. In the 60m he ran a 7.79, finishing 30th. In the Long Jump Finals he turned in a 19′ 3.5″ for 15th and in the Triple Jump, Daryl jumped 38′ 6.5″ for 15th as well.

Jr. Seth Graham qualified for the 800m dash where he ran a 2:10.05 for 27th. That was his best time in this event by nearly 7 seconds.

So that wraps up the 2014-15 Indoor Season. We clearly have a good start for the upcoming “outdoor” season and THAT is just a few weeks away! For those who want to be champions, the practice starts TODAY!

Our 2015, Indoor State Qualifiers

Congratulations to our 13 Sparkman Athletes who qualified for the State Indoor Meet this weekend!

7A Boys 4×800 Meter Relay
1) Jr. Seth Graham 2) Sh​afi Muhamm​ad
3)Fresh. Elijah Vargas 4)Soph. Jake​ R​ussell

7A Boys 60 Meter Dash
Soph. Daryl Bo​wden
Jr.-Samuel Gideon

7A Boys 800 Meter Run
Jr. Seth Graham
Soph. Jake​ R​ussell

7A Boys 1600 Meter Run
Soph. Jake​ R​ussell
Jr.-Bailey Herfurth

7A Boys Long Jump
Soph. Daryl Bo​wden
Jr.-Samuel Gideon

7A Boys Pole Vault
Sr. Rob Russell

7A Boys Triple Jump
Soph. Daryl Bo​wden

7A Girls 4×200 Meter Relay
1) Fresh. Zariah Trammell 2) Sr. Kelsey Joh​nson
3) Fresh. Lauryn Hall 4) Fresh. Alessea Rice

7A Girls 60 Meter Dash
Fresh. Lauryn Hall
Fresh. Alessea Rice

7A Girls 60 Meter Hurdles
Sr. Kelsey Joh​nson

7A Girls Long Jump
Fresh. Lauryn Hall

7A Girls Pole Vault
Soph – Gabrielle Griner

7A Girls Triple Jump
Sr. Kelsey Joh​nson

2015 Martin Luther King Invitational

Our SHS Indoor Track team had another strong showing!
We had 8 new PRs (or Indoor PRs) and 4 NEW SHS INDOOR RECORDS!

Setting NEW SPARKMAN RECORDS for Indoor Track were –
– (Jr)Bailey Herfurth in the 3200m
– (Soph)Jake​ R​ussell in the 800m
– (Jr.) Samuel Gideon in the 400m
– (Fresh) Lauryn Hall in the 60m Dash
Lauryn finished 9th, just outside the points and is currently ranked is the 9th best girl in the state in the 60m dash.

Points Scorers
Soph – Gabrielle Griner 8th place Girls Pole Vault 9-6 (9th ranked in the State)
Sr. – Rob Russell 7th place Boys PoleVault 13′ (11th Ranked in the State)

Sr.-Kyle Anderson, Soph-Jake​ R​ussell , Fresh-Elijah Vargas, 8th-Isaiah Vasquez

Jr.-Bailey Herfurth, Fesh-Elijah Vargas

Sharnell Walker
Jr.-Samuel Gideon

Jr.-Tamera Austin and Destanee Martin, Fresh-Lauryn Hall and Alessea Rice,

Jr.-Dreon Johnson
Sr.-Kyle Anderson,  Soph-Jake​ R​ussell, 8th-Sh​afi Muhamm​ad

Long Jump
9th-Lauryn Hall
Jr.-Samuel Gideon

Next up for the team is the State Indoor Meet, Feb 6th & 7th

2014 Ice Breaker Invitational

It was another good showing for our Indoor Team at The Ice Breaker Invitational.

We had 8 new PRs (or Indoor PRs) and 5 NEW SHS INDOOR RECORDS! Plus, for the 2nd Indoor Meet in a row, both our boys and girls teams managed to finish in the points. Not an easy feet when you consider the size (and budgets) of the teams we are up against and the team members we had out with the flu!

For the Girls, it was our 4×200 team that finished in the points with a 8th place finish and a time of 1:55.596 . The team members were – Fresh. Lauryn Hall, Sr. Kelsey Joh​nson, Fresh. Alessea Rice, and Fresh. Zariah Trammell.

For the Boys, Sr. Rob Russell tied for 4th (on misses) in the Pole Vault while setting a NEW SHS INDOOR RECORD with a height of 13 feet !

Setting New SHS Indoor Records for the boys were –
– 8th grade, Sh​afi Muhamm​ad 56.23sec in the 400m
– Soph. DarylBo​wden 20′ in the Long Jump
– Soph. DarylBo​wden 39′- 4″ in the Triple Jump
– Soph. Jake​ R​ussell 2:08.49 in the 800m
– Sr. Rob Russell  13′ in the Pole Vault (10th ranked in 7A)

New Pr’s
Fresh. Alessea Rice 8.389 in the 60m
Sr. Sharnell Walker 9.79 in the 60m
– Sr. Sharnell Walker 1:17.05 in the 400m
– Jr. Bailey Herfurth, 4:53.55 in the 1600m
JrSeth Graham 5:00.48 in the 1600m
– Fresh. Elijah Vargas 5:25.97 in the 1600m
– 8th grader, Isaiah Vasquez 5:50.63 in the 1600m
– Fr, Jake Maier 5:56.09 in the 1600m

A full listing of SHS results from this meet is posted HERE.

Holiday Invitational 2014

Our Indoor Track Team had a good season opener – The Holiday Invitational.

We took 18 athletes to the meet, which featured 54 teams from Alabama and Mississippi. Our Girls team finished 22nd with 5 points and the boys placed 30th with a half point. Finishing in the points were Gabrielle Griner who got 4th in the Girls Polevault and Rob Russell who tied for 8th in the Boys Polevault.

We set 8 NEW SHS Indoor Track RECORDS and additionally had 2 NEW PRS!

Setting New SHS Indoor Records for the girls were
– Sr. Kelsey Joh​nson 30′-8″ in the Triple Jump (6th ranked in 7A)
– Soph. Gabrielle Griner 9’6″ in the Pole Vault (6th ranked over-all)
– Fresh. Lauryn Hall 8.15 sec in the 60m dash (6th ranked in 7A)
4×200 Relay Team 1:55.08
Lauryn Hall,Kelsey Joh​nson, Zariah Trammell, & Alessea Rice

For the boys –
– 8th grade, Sh​afi Muhamm​ad 56.29sec in the 400m
– Soph. DarylBo​wden 19′-09.25″ in the Long Jump (9th ranked in 7A)
– Soph. DarylBo​wden 38′-05.75″ in the Triple Jump
4×800 Relay Team 9:26.71 2
Seth Graham, Hanif Muhamnad, Elizah Vargas, & Jake​ R​ussell

New Pr’s
– Fresh. Zariah Trammell 9.03 in the 60m
– Sr. Rob Russell 12′ in the Pole Vault

Additionally, 7th grader Samantha Griner cleared 6-6 in the Pole Vault which makes her the TOP Ranked 7th grader in the State!

A Full listing of SHS results can be found HERE.

2014 State Indoor Meet – Results

The weather delayed, 2014 Indoor State Track Championships has been completed and our athletes had a good showing.

Jr – Kelsey Johnson set a New Personal Record of 10.47 in the 60m hurdles, taking nearly half a second off her old time. She finished 15th, just a half second out of the points.
In the Triple Jump, Kelsey fell just short of her school record mark of 30-01.00 with a leap of 29-06.50, finishing 19th.

Kelsey 2014 State

Kelsey 2014 State

Jr – Rob Russell improved his personal best in the Men’s Pole Vault with a NEW PR jump of 11 feet 6 inches.
This ties the Sparkman indoor record! Considering that at this time last year Rob had never tried Pole Vaulting, things are looking good.
(click here to see video of his vaults.)

Freshman Gabrielle Griner set a NEW Sparkman Indoor Record for the Girls Pole Vault with a jump of 9 feet. This was good enough for a 6th place finish and put the Sparkman Girls into the points.
(click here to see video of her vaults.)
Gabrielle finishes the indoor season as the Top Ranked, Freshman Girls Pole Vaulter in the state and ranked 14th out of all the girl vaulters 1A – 6A.

Freshman Jake Russell was unable to compete in the 800m dash on Monday due to scholastic conflicts but on Tuesday he set a NEW Sparkman Indoor Record in the 1600m with a time of 4:48.12 and finished 19th.
In the High Jump, he was unable to make the opening bar which would have been a new personal best for him but Jake completes the indoor season as the 5th ranked Freshman 800m runner in the state, the third ranked Freshman 1600m runner and the 2nd ranked Freshman High Jumper!

2014 Ice Breaker Invitational

Our Indoor Track Squad continued to see improvement at last weekend’s Ice Breaker Invitational 5A-6A as we had 8 new PRs and a New Sparkman HS Indoor Record!

2014 Ice Breaker Invitational 4 x 400m

2014 Ice Breaker Invitational
4 x 400m

(more photos from this meet on our photo page)

For the girls, new PR’s were turned in for the 400m Dash by
Kaitlyn Williams,
Hailey Brown,
Zariah Trammell,
and Megan Robison, .

For the Boys, Rob Russell, set a new PR in the 60 m Hurdles
and Jake Russell, set THREE new PR’s. One each in the High Jump, the 1600m Run (in which he was within 1 second of a NEW school Indoor Record) and in the 800M Run in which he DID set the New Sparkman’s Men’s Indoor School Record!

Now our athletes will set their sites on preparing for the AHSAA State Indoor 1A-6A Championship at the end of this month.

Holiday Invitational

The SHS Track Team’s season opener,

“The Holiday Invitational

was as tough as expected.   How tough?
There were 88 athletes who turned in marks that met the “Elite” standards and 43 who were “National Elite”!
Our athletes stepped up to the challenge though and set

6 new, Sparkman Indoor Track records!

For the girls –
Jr, Kelsey Johnson set a new Sparkman Record (Indoor AND Outdoor) in the girls Triple Jump with a leap of  30′-1″. This beat the old School record by more than 3 FEET!

9th grader Gabrielle Griner set a NEW SHS Indoor Mark in the Girls Polevault with a jump of 8’6″ and finished in the points with a 6th.

Sophmore Kaitlyn Williams was edged out by her teammate, 8th grader Zariah Tramell (by just 3 thousandth of a second!) for the NEW SHS RECORD 0f 9.144 seconds in the girl’s 60 meter dash.

and 8th grader Renita Vander Schaaf set NEW SHS RECORDS for the indoor 800 meter (2:52.27) AND 1600 meters (6:11.31).

For the boys – 9th grader Jake Russell set a NEW SHS RECORD in the 800 meters (2:15.23).

Apart from the new records, several students set good “first marks” in their events and two set new PR’s.
– In the Boys High Jump, Jake Russell bettered his old mark by 4″ going 5′- 2″ and tieing for 22nd,
Rob Russell set a new PR in the PoleVault with a jump of 11′